Toilet Problems and the Inconvenience They Cause

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Sometimes, we all have to encounter a troubling period when the toilet stops functioning properly. The inconvenience caused by toilet problems is unbearable and one requires plumber’s assistance in tackling the situations. But, sometimes the problem isn’t as complicated as it appears. Many of the toilet problems can be fixed right away by a person without any hassle. All you need some DIY skills and some know how on how to solve the problem once it is diagnosed.

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Slowly Flushing Toilets

From now on, we are going to discuss the few very common problems faced by people every day in their toilets:

1. The Toilet Doesn’t Flush at all:

The modern era toilet is designed to receive human waste and discharge it in a fashion that is hygienic and saves one from any sort of bothersome situations and future diseases. Sometimes it so happens that the toilet stops flushing and when a person pushes the flush lever, instead of water rushing into the toilet bowl to dispose the waste into the sewer pipe, nothing happens at all.

2. Slowly Flushing Toilets or Water backs up:

Another major problem that most of us are familiar with is when during flushing instead of water being drained down the sewer line, it backs up. On other days, you face a toilet that flushes poorly. Sometimes it’s just a clogged toilet or a local blockage. Other times it is a low water supply in the tank.

3. Overflowing Toilet:

If after pushing the flush lever, the water doesn’t drain down but rises to the brim and sometimes this water even spill out of the toilet bowl, it leaves a person anxious. In a few houses, once in a while, this problem occurs and if steps aren’t taken to deal with it sooner it causes a lot of mess and unhygienic conditions that give rise to various terrifying problems. It affects the health of the residents of the house too.

4. Whistling Tank Fill:

Sometimes whistling sounds and other sorts of weird noises are encountered when the toilet is flushed. Such sounds are produced when your toilet has an old technology ball cock valve installed in it that has a ball float present on the end of the rod. The toilet begins to make noise when the ball floats higher and eventually closes the water fill valve.

Health Hazards Due To Toilet Problems:

Not only does the above-mentioned problems cause inconvenience for house residents, but it also gives an open invitation to the harmful bacteria and micro-organisms that are waiting for their chance to make a healthy person sick.

While slowly flushing toilet and whistling toilet aren’t that injurious to human health, an overflowing toilet if not dealt with in time can cause serious issues.

The sewage water contains micro-organic elements whose brief exposure can destroy the health of healthiest individuals. It can cause diseases like diarrhea, hepatitis A, hookworm infection etc. The abundance of moisture also assists molds and mildew in establishing their colonies.

One must deal with a faulty in time before they end up destroying the health of people living in the house.

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