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Must-Have Odor Removing Products At Home

 An old house that is kept closed for too long develops a smell that is unbearable. Because of the lack of air circulation and the moisture filling the air, the ancient closed buildings start giving off such odors. Sometimes a musty smell also becomes a resident of the newly built homes. This horrific odor is a warning that something is present in a damp corner that is decaying due to lack of air circulation.

Non-Toxic Air Fresheners- No more Musty Odors

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Dehumidifiers are proved really helpful in this regard. They drain the air of the excessive moisture that will otherwise encourage mold growth. Those molds give out foul gasses that are the cause of mustiness around the house.

The health hazards that follow the mustiness are formidable. The burning sensation in the eyes, the itching of the skin and nose, the frequent asthma attacks, and other major respiratory problems are triggered due to the mold, mildew, and fungus that stays in the dark and damp corners of the houses and fill the air with bad smells. Finding the source of the smell and eliminating it is the best solution against the stubborn odors filling the homes.

The increased content of water vapors turns the level of humidity in the air high creating a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. In the stores, various products are found for dealing with this issue while there are some home remedies too.


This eco-friendly product has proved itself worthy of people’s time and money. The white calcium chloride crystals inside the tub when exposed to air, absorb excessive moisture from it without drying out the air too much. Damprid is fragrance-free and non-toxic, unlike many products that are harmful to health. It causes no damage to plants, possessions or pets.

EarthCare Odor Eliminator:

This non-hazardous biodegradable product works wonders against the musty smells. It doesn’t have to be in contact with the source of the odor. Just hanging the bag in a foul smelling room or sprinkling its granules over the soiled area will do the job. It is fragrance-free which means it won’t deal with the stubborn odor by masking it with a more potent smell.

EarthCare has negatively charged particles, and the foul gasses ride on positively charged ones. This brings those two oppositely charged particles together and hence the odor is neutralized. It isn’t dangerous for pets or children as it is made from a natural mineral.

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag:

Inside the linen bag of Moso Natural Air Purifier, is a bamboo charcoal. The extremely porous structure of bamboo charcoal has the tendency to absorb excessive moisture and offensive odors continually. The absorption of extra moisture from air prevents the growth of mold, mildew, fungus and other bacteria that aggravate various allergies and respiratory issues. It has no scents and can be used up to two years.

Zorbx Unscented Odor Remover:

Zorbx odor remover spray is a water-based formula to absorb odors. No harsh chemicals or toxic substances are used in its formation. This biodegradable product is safe to use in homes and doesn’t negatively affects people, plants, and pets. It instantly removes all kinds of odors whether they are organic or chemical ones. It is hypoallergenic and is great for people suffering from asthma and respiratory problems.

Smelleze Reusable Basement Odor Removal Deodorizer Pouch:

Basements are usually moist. The moisture results in the growing of mold and mildew that are the main culprits behind the uncomfortable musty odor that fills basements. Smelleze is an eco-friendly product that gets rid of the mustiness without aggravating allergies. It is free from any toxic chemicals and can be reused. Hanging this pouch in the basements will shoo away the odor and prevent the mold and mildew from turning your basements as their breeding grounds. The product is really cost effective as it works perfectly for years. Find more how to use dehumidifier


Mold and mildew are the agents that play a   significant part in damaging your health, house, and precious possessions. They leave a stinking odor in their wake. Above mentioned products will help in fighting with these offensive smells. These products are very cost-effective. By removing all the unwanted smells from your house, these odor eliminators will make the air fresh and clean for breathing.

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