Oscillating Fans

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When the Sun shines bright and temperature rises to greater degrees, the first intent of everyone is to look for ways to tackle the hot climate that bothers all of us. Wherever we go, our primary need in summer is to cool the environment surrounding us, whether it is our homes, offices, schools etc.

Oscillating Fans

The air circulation in the surroundings helps in cooling the temperature. The more is the air circulation, greater is the movement of air. Hence, it leads to cooling a room. There are many advanced devices that can cool a room in minutes but they are mostly expensive.

One cheap invention is a fan that not only decreases the temperature of a particular area but is also cost-effective.

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A fan is a device used to create flow within a fluid that is mostly air. They remove cold, hot or damp air. In hot weather, a fan eliminates warm air, resultantly cooling a room. Fans have various types. One such useful type is an oscillating fan.

What is an Oscillating Fan

The main feature of an oscillating fan is the to and fro rotation while it blows the air. The major advantage of its side by side movement is that instead of blowing in just a single direction, this fan creates a pleasant breeze throughout the room.

When it comes to the structure, these fans have a base or a stand that stays still while the fan moves separately. These fans come in varying sizes and settings. They can either have a unit that is able to pivot up and down or have a pole-like adjustable stand.

Certain oscillating fans even come with both settings- a heat and a cool one. These fans work in the same way as a normal oscillating fan does but the person gets two benefits using them- they can either blow heated air warming the room or they can function as a normal, standard fan cooling the room’s air. This allows a user to use them in both cold and hot weather.

How it works

To increase the transfer of heat to cool the room, an best oscillating fan uses forced convection method. For air circulation in a particular desired direction, three plastic blades that are spun by an AC brushless motor are used. A standard 120V wall outlet is used for powering the motor.

A circular knob working as a potentiometer is supplied so that the user can change the speed of rotation of the motor. The knob changes the amount of power given to the motor, hence, controlling its speed.

In order to blow air in a specific direction, all you have to do is just manually adjust the head of the fan. The altering of head’s direction is made possible due to the force of friction that exists between fan head couplings and wire holder. Apart from vertical oscillation, the fan is also able to oscillate horizontally.

Pushing the button present at the top of most fan casings, one can easily translate circular motion to oscillatory one. In order to deal with the hot climatic conditions, purchasing an oscillating fan is a good choice.

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