Natural Ways for Getting Rid Of Musty Odors

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When you step inside your home and a disgusted smell hit you, your immediate thought is to eliminate it by the use of some air freshener or a scented spray. Most of the expensive air fresheners and sprays being sold in the market appear to do the job quite nicely. But after some time, it is seen that the smell returns with full magnitude.

Red alarm if no odor removing machine at home

The reason behind it is that these products do not actually address the main source of stinking odors; rather they just mask it with a more potent scent.

Natural Ways for Getting Rid Of Musty Odors

Studies and experiments have shown that many of these air fresheners have chemicals that pose a great risk to human health. Some of the plug-in air fresheners affect our smell receptors. They disable our smelling abilities hence we get the feeling that the air around us doesn’t stink anymore.

These hazardous sprays carry chemicals that can aggravate allergies and asthma. One can inhale these potentially harmful chemicals that can cause fatal diseases of lungs and kidneys etc. Some of these scented sprays include phthalates or other components that disrupt the hormones. They are a great threat to the infants and young children around the house because their immunity systems are weak.

Although there are certain products now sold in the market that actually remove the foul-smelling particles from the air and provide you a clean environment to breathe but they are really expensive. Natural ways are more effective than artificial ways. Even though they take some time to give you desired results, they are relatively cheap and do not have any adverse effects human health.

For tackling the issue of highly offensive smells naturally, one doesn’t necessarily have to make a trip to the market. Most of these natural air fresheners are already available at your home, especially in your kitchen cabinets or in your fridge.

Mentioned below are a few of the various ways to treat the musty odors naturally.



Lemons are the rich source of vitamin C. They are an essential ingredient of many recipes and are also used for garnishing purposes. But the use of lemons isn’t only limited to the cooking department. Lemons possess powerful cleaning abilities due to the presence of citric acid in them.

Not just this, but they are very effective odor neutralizers. If the air around the house smells musty and awful, try some lemon and it will provide you effective results.

First, peel off the lemons. Put these lemon peels in a pan filled with water and let them boil till their sweet lemony fragrance is released. Then turn off the stove and remove the pan from it.  Place the pan in the areas that contained musty odors like basements and laundry rooms This method will make the air around the house fresh and clean.

Tea tree Oil:

Tea tree Oil

Extracted from Melaleuca tree, tea tree oil possesses antifungal properties that make it a good remedy for fungus, mold and mildew. Mold and mildew thrive in moisture and are the main reasons behind the obnoxious odor that sometimes lingers in our houses. A few drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle filled with water can accomplish the task of eliminating the musty odors. It cleans the environment leaving behind a camphor-like odor that diminishes with time.


Oats will absorb the smell

A bowl of oatmeal in the breakfast provides you enough strength and energy to carry out your hectic routine of the day. The consumption of oats has positive effects on your health. But the use of oats isn’t only restricted to cooking, this healthy grain also serves as a good odor absorber. If there are certain areas in your home that stink, leave a bowl of oats there. Oats will absorb the smell.

Coffee Grounds:

Coffee Grounds

Coffee has become an essential part of our day. The antioxidants in coffee are beneficial for health. But coffee also functions as an odor remover. Whether it is basement, closets, kitchen, fridge, bathroom or any other part of your house, if there is an unwanted smell, coffee grounds will relieve you from it. A bowl of un-brewed coffee grounds if left in a room eliminates the mustiness in the air.

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