Causes Of Excessive Moisture In the air

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Humidity- Effects, Causes and Prevention

 One cannot deny the significance of water for the existence of life. The human body is composed of approximately 50-60 percent of water but this figure varies with age, health, weight and gender. Water is also an essential component of the air that surrounds us in which we breathe. If the quantity of water gets lower in the environment, it triggers many illnesses like asthma, nosebleeds or eye and skin itching etc.

What Is Humidity

There should be a balanced level of water or moisture in the air. Just like too much of anything has its negative impacts; an abundance of water in the air can also result in issues that if not handled in time can cause long lasting serious effects. If the level of humidity rises above 60 percent, it’s a sign that the moisture is taking over. Effective measures should be taken before the situation gets out of hand.

Factors Alerting the Presence of High Humidity

If you observe closely, there are various factors that serve as the indication of high humidity in the environment:

  • If the air feels stuffy and uncomfortable and sweat doesn’t evaporate properly.
  • If the musty odor is everywhere around the house.
  • Damp spots, foggy windows and rotting of wood.
  • Bent and creaking floorboards.
  • Peeling paint and wet stains on the walls.
  • Rusting of metals.

One should inspect the humidity levels on a regular basis. For this purpose, an instrument is designed called hygrometer. A hygrometer is a device that measures the water content of the air or gas.

Causes Of Excessive Moisture In the air

Various activities that are performed in our homes regularly are responsible for increasing the overall humidity level of the home atmosphere:-

  • Long showers, cooking, exercising, doing laundry, dish washing, and drying of clothes indoors release water vapors in the air that contribute to the humidity level of the environment.
  • The lack of air circulation or insufficient ventilation around the house.
  • Leaked pipes and leaks in the roofs and ceilings.
  • If appliances that run on oil or gas began to malfunction, they can sometimes emit moisture that adds to the moisture in the air.

Adverse Effects Of Excessive Moisture

Excessive moisture is not friendly for human health and the surroundings. Major problems that are caused by it are as follows:

  • The moisture in the air when comes in contact with a cool surface like windows, it turns into droplets of water. Condensation is more common in dark and cold places like basements and attics. Condensation can cause black molds on walls, furniture, roofs and ceilings.
  • Moisture is the culprit behind many destructive activities. It damages the house structure, the precious items you own and most importantly harms your health.
  • The excess of water vapors in the air makes you feel uncomfortable in your own home.
  • Moisture encourages the growth of microscopic organisms like fungus, bacteria, mold and mildew. Once inhaled through nose or mouth, the spores of mold can be very dangerous for your health. Dust mites also populate the humid areas. The condition of people suffering from asthma and allergies worsen even more.

Ways to Prevent Humidity

Unwanted moisture, if neglected, is a threat to the integrity of your home. There are simple and economical ways by which you can easily balance the moisture level of the air.

  • If your home is well-ventilated, it assists you in dealing with the issue of humidity. Opening the windows and allowing air circulation can cause a noticeable decrease in humidity levels. Installation of exhaust fans in kitchens, bathroom, laundry rooms and basements can benefit you.
  • It is advisable to cover the pots while cooking and taking cold, short showers.
  • Purchasing a dehumidifier will do the trick. A dehumidifier will suck in the extra moisture from the air allowing you to live in the comfortable and less humid surroundings.
  • Warm air is capable of holding more moisture than cold air. So, keeping a high temperature at home will help.
  • Drying of clothes indoors is a bad decision if dealing with high rates of moisture. So, it is better to dry the clothes outside.
  • If the leaking pipes or leaks in roofs and ceilings are the cause of moisture, fixing them can eliminate the problem.

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