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Top 5 best Tower Fans

Over the last few years, the rising popularity of the fans is an evidence of their efficiency and good performance. Some people often neglect the benefits fans have to offer. But in reality, these air circulating appliances are not only cheap but perform the intended task quite effectively, that is assisting people in beating the heat. This our tower fan review here will help you more understand about this kind of thing and you will be easy to find the correct one for you family.

Fan manufacturers manufacture different varieties of fans to attract the attention of buyer population. These varieties are differentiated on the basis of size, shape, configuration and a few other distinguishing features. One such variety is a tower fan. Choices aren’t limited when it comes to choosing the best tower fan and one should bear in mind all the costs and benefits before making the final tower fan

What is a tower fan and why do we need it?

Like the majority of the ordinary fans, oscillation is one of the key features of tower fans. But the main difference is the area covered by them when it comes to circulating and distributing the air.

Tower fans oscillate with wider areas and distribute air at an angle of 90 degrees. These fans have a series of small blowers in a vertical unit that is perched on a simple stand. Their portability and wide area coverage make them desirable. So, how a best tower fan can help us in displeasure situation?

When the hot weather strikes, it is accompanied by dripping sweat and unbearable body odors. In such situations, tower fans come in handy. They push the air outward, increasing the rate of sweat evaporation.

This evaporated sweat takes the heat with it, leaving a cooling sensation in its wake. These fans can be set to throw air in any particular direction, upward or downward, or up to 180 degrees.

Factors to Consider while choosing a best tower fan

While making a trip to the market to purchase the best tower fan, there are certain factors that a person ought to take into consideration.

  • Noise: None of the fans are noiseless. All of them produce a sound during their operation but these sounds vary in intensity. If you have a fan in the bedroom, you might have a sleepless night when the fan is running. So, one should look for a fan that creates less annoying sounds.
  • Rotation: It is a common knowledge that a tower fan rotates and throws a blast of air outwards. But there are slight differences regarding the angles in which the air is expelled by the particular tower fan. Most of these fans eject air at an angle of 90 degrees. But often, they come with an additional option to expel the air at different angles.
  • Energy Consumption: Although fans consume less energy than an air conditioner, it is advisable to bring an Energy Star rated fan to your home for usage.

Advantages of tower fans

The best tower fans offer you the following advantages:

  • Portability: One of the most prominent and significant advantages of a tower fan is their lightweight. They aren’t too heavy and are easier to move around in comparison with pedestal fans. Their tall and slim design makes it easy to adjust them in small to medium-sized spaces.
  • Quiet Operation: The modern tower fans are designed by paying a great deal of attention to people’s comfort. Their noise factor is immensely reduced by the constant efforts of the manufacturers. This means a normal conversation is audible in the presence of a running fan.
  • Energy Efficient: Running an air-conditioner can cause a drastic increase in the electricity bills because of a large amount of power being consumed by them. Tower fans, on the other hand, are extremely energy efficient. Many of these fans even have permanently lubricated motors. So, running them continuously won’t cause any issues.
  • Filters: Nowadays, many of the tower fans come with built-in filters. So, not only one can enjoy a cool, comfy environment but also an allergen-free air. This additional feature is highly beneficial for those suffering from allergies. One best tower fan must be equipped with cool filters.

Recommendation of Best Tower Fans on present market

When it comes to choosing a tower fan, one should not choose anything less than the best. The high prices are never an issue because they are fairly inexpensive. Following are some our reviews of best tower fan recommendations

Product Name



Our Rating

1- Lasko #2554 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan with Remote:



2- Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan with Remote Control, HY-048BP, Black:



3- Lasko #4930 35-inch Remote Control Oscillating Fan, Gray



1- Lasko #2554 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan with Remote:

The first best tower fan we recommend you is Lasko 2554. Whether you are at home or working long hours at the office, Lesko 42-inch wind curve fan is ideal for any environment. This fan with remarkable features like three quiet speeds, Ionizer technology, and multi-function remote control add to its appeal and steer the attention of buyers towards this fan.

This ETL listed fan’s slim and tall design enable it to adjust in small to medium-sized spaces. The maximum air delivery is made possible by the tower-style built. It allows a user to breathe in fresh, clean air and helps them in dealing with the intense heat.

2- Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan with Remote Control, HY-048BP, Black:

The second best tower fan should be HY-048BP. This plastic, tilted head tower-style fan with three speeds is rated among the best tower fans due to the features it offers. Unlike ordinary blades, its Turbo Wind generator blades expel more air outwards.

The remote control accompanying it has a built-in flashlight and allows you to control the air flow and other settings without the need of vacating your spot on the couch. The filter supplies allergen-free air. The head allows for directional cooling.

3- Lasko #4930 35-inch Remote Control Oscillating Fan, Gray

This fully assembled and ETL listed tower fan has wide air-distribution coverage. The lightweight and easy grip carry handle provides portability. The remote control supplied, enables one to control it from a distance. The patented fused safety plug eliminates the risk of overheating the fan or a wall circuit on days when the sun is bright. Check out more specification of Lasko 4930 and you will agree with us Lasko 4930 is a good tower fan.


If the scorching heat followed by the dripping sweat and unbearable stinking, body odors are driving you nuts and purchasing a high-priced air-conditioner is out of the question due to the limited budget, above mentioned are some of the best tower fans that can assist you in dealing with the situation.

Using fans to tackle the heat is also energy efficient and economical. Fans, unlike air-conditioners, never cool the air. Instead, they only evaporate sweat off of the skin creating a cooling sensation.

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